Talking to God

What do I want to tell God?

  1. Help me through my crisis. (Almost anyone will turn to God in a terrible crisis. It is said that there are no atheists in foxholes). We want help when life is too big for us. Does God want to help us then? Luke 23:39-43.
  2. I want help prospering. Does God want to help us then? Luke 12:22-31; Deuteronomy 8:18.
  3. Please bring world peace. Is. 9:6. Luke 11:2.

What does God want me to tell Him?

  1. Sample prayers: Matthew 6:9-13 & Luke 11:1-4; Luke 18:9-14; John 17; Daniel 9:3-19; 1 Kings 8:22-54; 1 Kings 9:3-9 ; etc., etc.
  2. Issues God responded to: Abrahamís marital problems (see Genesis 21:9-14.. Isaacís need for someone to marry (see Genesis 24). Jacobís need to escape his brother (see Genesis 28). Nehemiahís desire to influence another manís will. (Nehemiah 2:4).
  3. God desires more than to meet our needs. He wants our thanks. Luke 17:11-19.

Why does God want me to talk to Him?

  1. Prayer is an earnest conversation:
  2. "Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend. Not that it is necessary in order to make known to God what we are, but in order to enable us to receive Him. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to Him." Steps to Christ 93.

    "Prayer is not an expiation for sin; it has no virtue or merit of itself. All the flowery words at our command are not equivalent to one holy desire. The most eloquent prayers are but idle words if they do not express the true sentiments of the heart. But the prayer that comes from an earnest heart, when the simple wants of the soul are expressed, as we would ask an earthly friend for a favor, expecting it to be granted--this is the prayer of faith. God does not desire our ceremonial compliments, but the unspoken cry of the heart broken and subdued with a sense of its sin and utter weakness finds its way to the Father of all mercy." Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, pg.86, par. 2

  3. Prayer changes us. Matt. 26:39-42.

How should we pray?

  1. Types of prayer
  2. Public prayer: 1 Kings 8:12-61; 2 Chronicles 20:5-12; Matthew 14:19
  3. Private prayer: Matthew 6:5-13; Luke 18:1-14; Matthew 14:23 (Mark 6:46); Matthew 26:39, 42, 44; Luke 6:12; Luke 21:36; John 17
  4. Constant prayer: Colossians 4:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Ephesians 6:18; Nehemiah 2:1-5; Matthew 26:41

Techniques of prayer

  1. Posture:
    1. kneeling: 1 Kings 8:54,55; Eph. 3:14; Ps. 95:6
    2. standing: Mark 11:25;
    3. sitting: John 6:10,11

  2. Form
    1. Pray to Father: John 16:23,26-27; Luke 11:1-2.
    2. In Jesus Name: John 16:23,24,26,27
    3. Persevere: Luke 18:1-7 1 Kings 18:41-44 (James 5:17-18)
    4. God wants to hear our worries: Gen. 15:2
    5. Intercessory prayer: 1 Timothy 2:1-8 James 5:13-16

How interested is God in hearing us?

A little boy was playing with his cars in the dirt. He had an imaginary town with all sorts of very real dirt roads. But a troublesome rock sat right where an important roadway was to go through. Daddy stopped his hoeing in the garden to watch his son. The little boy got behind that old rock and pushed with all the strength he had. But that big rock didn't move. He got on the backside and pulled with all his might. It still didn't move. He tried pushing and pulling and pulling and pushing without success. Finally he gave up, sat down on the stubborn old rock, and cried. Daddy walked over, kissed his sons tear- washed face, and said gently, "Did you try your best?"

"Oh yes Daddy. I've pushed and I've pulled andÖ and DaddyÖ this rock won't move!"

"But," Daddy quietly replied, "I don't think you tried your hardest!"

"But Daddy, I did! I tried my very hardest! I pulled, I pushed, I tried, Daddy, I tried!"

"Yes, son, you tried, but you didn't try your hardest. You didn't come and get me." And then Father and son got behind that rock and pushed together and it moved.

The story of the boy and the rock brings us to the question: are we doing our best in life? When our Father stands by waiting for our request with power to move all the rocks of our lives, have we done our best? Have we thought to ask Him? (Romans 8:31-39)

Will God respond?

Yes. 1 John 5:14-15

  1. How do we know Godís will? Romans 8:26,27
  2. What is faith? Depending on God. Do we have faith? Do we expect things from God? Do we really trust Him?
  3. Do we thank Him? (To take to give is the law of heaven; to take not give is the law of hell: in prayer, if we request without giving thanks we follow Satanís law not Godís.) Colossians 4:2.
  4. Let us pray! Luke 18:1 Romans 8:32.