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     Would you like to know God for yourself? Would you like to understand the unseen realities of life? Do you want to know what is really right and wrong? Are you struggling to make sense of religion? We offer two similar ways to help you in these questions.
     One is the online series of Present Truth Bible Studies. Study the text online, fill in the questionaire that follows each lesson, and then submilt your answers. You will receive a prompt response. All answers are treated confidentially.
     The other is the online Steps in Living Bible Study series. Study it online or save it and read it later. This series is currently in "beta" phase. Your feedback on it would be very much appreciated.

Present Truth Bible Studies

  1. Godís Letter To You
  2. The Folly Of Rebellion
  3. Creation
  4. The Downfall Of Man
  5. A Plan To Restore
  6. The Sure Word Of Prophecy
  7. Foundation Prophecy Of World Events
  8. Good News From Heaven
  9. Heavenís Communication System
  10. Celestial Visitors
  11. Jesus Christís Dual Natures
  12. The Perfect Law Of Liberty
  13. The Sign Of The Living God
  14. The Sanctuary
  15. The Living Temple
  1. Another Opportunity
  2. A Happy Family
  3. What Happens After Death?
  4. Spiritualism - What Is It?
  5. Thrust Of A Final Work
  6. Godís Embassy On Earth
  7. Spiritual Gifts
  8. Heavenís Naturalization Ceremony
  9. Memorials Of Salvation
  10. The End Of The World
  11. Heavenís High Court
  12. When Will The Dead Rise?
  13. Jesus Is Coming Again!
  14. Godís Strange Act
  15. Heaven On Earth


Steps in Living

  1. Knowing God
  2. Hearing God
  3. Discerning God
  4. Understanding God
  5. Understanding Pain
  6. Talking to God
  7. Surrendering to God
  8. Am I Forgiven Enough?
  9. Expecting from God
  10. My Life as a Christian
Future topics:
A look at Bible prophecy.


A look at what is right and what is wrong.