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"Steps to Christ" (by E.G. White)

Doctrinal Book (by Bro. A.C.Sas)

Great Controversy (by E. G. White) 

What is Behind the New World Order?

People of the Ark (by Peter D. Lausevic)

The Reformation Herald

Published quarterly, "Reformation Herald" unveils historic Adventism with articles based on the sure foundation of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.

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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Published quarterly, "Sabbath Bible Lessons" is a daily study program for adults based solely on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, without additional comments.

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The Youth Messenger

Published quarterly, "Youth Messenger" contains articles of inspiration and encouragement for the young as well as the young at heart.

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Children's Sabbath Bible Lessons (Samples)

The children's SABBATH BIBLE LESSONS you've been searching for!

(Please Note:  The following links are 'sample lessons',
to order the full lesson material please contact
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order form .)

Children's Treasures
For children up to 8 years of age. The true Bible stories are to be read aloud daily by the parent or early reader. These lessons include study helps as well as questions, songs, and activities designed to help lead your little ones to the Creator from their earliest years of life.
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Junior Searcher
For readers ages 9-12. Each lesson features a daily Bible study. Brief paragraphs from the Spirit of Prophecy provide solid enrichment. Everyday Christian principles are presented in a way that appeals to the conscience of juniors, encouraging and motivating them to commit their lives to Jesus.
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Youth Explorer
These power-packed lessons are designed for early teens, ages 13-16. Practical Bible illustrations are combined with statements from the Spirit of Prophecy. These lessons are specially tailored to guide today's youth into wholesome maturity through a personal relationship with Christ.
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