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Who Is


Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement?

Answer: We are Christians.

We are not very different because of who we are. We are common people from around the world. Construction workers, surgeons, janitors, lawyers, artists, a tribal queen; Orientals, Hispanics, Slavs, Europeans, Africans, & North Americans; we are from many nationalities, past religious backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles.

We are not a group separated by where we have come from, but by the realities we realize, what we are doing, and where we are going.

® We Realize:

That God is, that He lives to benefit everything that exists, that He has certain reasonable demands and expectations, that He hates all of the causes of harm, and that He is serious yet merciful.

® We Are Doing:

We feel a responsibility to ask God to change us from everything that we are thinking, saying, or doing that harms anyone. We feel a responsibility to promote and defend the knowledge of the only God that exists entirely independent from everything else.

® We Are Going:

We are going toward world peace, prosperity, satisfaction, and education. We are going toward a single, Divine led, world government. And we are doing it in the only way that we have found to be entirely successful. Submission to God, knowing Him, and cooperating with Him brings all of His power, wisdom, compassion, and direction into building a better today and tomorrow.

Answer: We keep the 7th day.

Some realities can never be changed or avoided. They can only be recognized and cooperated with. For example, humans accept gravity, but cannot change it. We believe in living in harmony with all these unalterable rules.

We understand God to make all unalterable laws. This includes physical or scientific laws, as well as mental, social, and moral laws. But not all are as openly accepted as the law of gravity. Of all of these laws, one of the most neglected is the moral law. More specifically the law governing our use of time and when we work. Few dispute the idea that stealing, killing, etc. are harmful and should not be practiced. But many dispute in practice at least, the idea of giving the final day of every week for the improvement of spirituality. Though the seventh day of rest seems controversial it is unchangeable.

® The Day of Rest:

Is intended to increase productivity and the amount of work accomplished. The next six working days are better if one rests after the last six.

® The Day of Rest:

Is meant to encourage our gratefulness, spirituality, interest in the good of humanity (especially those we can benefit), and awareness of the natural environment.

Answer: We are Adventists.

This world is a wonderful place to live. But not everything is great about it. Sorrow, sickness, starvation, hatred, and crime are definitely here.

Most people would like to move past them. Humanity has been trying to get past them for centuries. But we have never succeeded. We are desperately attempting to outgrow the weeds of human experience that should be pulled up instead. Unless humans are fundamentally changed they cannot stop harming each other completely.

® Two Changes:

We believe in inward change now and outward change in the near future. God changes us now so that we will never harm another being again. Soon God will give all who now live without hurting others a new world to live in. The gathering of all those who live without harming is called the Second Advent or Second Coming. As Adventists we believe in the nearness of this Second Coming.

® The Second Coming:

Allows God to mercifully stop all injustice, hurt, harm, sorrow, & danger. And it allows God to give liberally to all who submit to Him.

® The Second Coming:

Allows God to bring justice and yet gives full opportunity for a review of that justice so that its fairness and necessity can be assessed. This allows complete accuracy in the final act of justice. It also allows God to give this world as a legacy to those who refuse to be involved in any real harm.

Answer: We Are a Movement of Reform.

What do we mean by reform? When we reform we "improve by removing faults and weaknesses or by strengthening good qualities" (Websterís). We believe in the honest admission of our faults and weaknesses. We also believe in removing all of them by the special help of God. And we believe in strengthening any good qualities we may have. Every human has good qualities and faults, weaknesses and strengths, and therefore needs to reform. We candidly admit this and have gone to the only Being who has enough power to help us reform and who wants to help us.

Are we reformed? No. We are far from perfect and we admit it. Yet we believe perfection is possible and we seek it.

We have been in existence for seventy-five years. Gradually we have spread to 1200 churches and groups meeting in over ninety countries.

What are we? We are a movement for the improvement of ourselves and our world. By the words Reform Movement we want to remind ourselves and tell the world that we sincerely believe that real progress and peace can be reached only through personal reformation. This is what we mean by Reform Movement. May God help us all.

What is Our Mission?

1. Our first mission is to know God personally.

2. Our second is to share with those that are on this planet with us the excitement, the meaning in life, the fulfillment, the contentment, and the success that comes from knowing God.

3. We are working to bring world peace.

4. We are working for the equality and freedom of every human.

5. We are working to promote responsible care for our own lives, health, & families.

6. We are working for a one world government under God. (Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.)

7. We are working for the highest achievement and enjoyment possible for mankind. We believe that this comes only through obedience to God.

Do these things interest you? Are your aims similar? Do you want world peace? If so, please seriously consider us. We would be happy to meet you. We would be happy to explain ourselves to you. We would be happy to see you join us in our struggle for a better world.

Please feel free to contact us.