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It is time for the end of the secular. Life is a spiritual activity. All of life is a spiritual experience. It is past time to quit pretending that life is aspiritual.
Spirituality gives meaning to life by explaining the unseen forces, origins, and philosophical realities. Spirituality gives value to life by recognising the value a Creator and Redeemer places on each person. Spirituality gives authenticity and credibility to work by requiring ethics. Spirituality gives quality to relationships by bringing civility and importance into them. Spirituality gives joy to life by making eternally sustainable contentment the point of it.
This is a page dedicated to life lived with God as a wonderful experience. Enjoy, add your own thoughts, tell others, but above all, live with God.
Please use the news bulletin board for discussion of these issues and the Sabbath Bible Lesson.

P.S. Please respect the work of the authors here. Quotations with appropriate citation are fine. For more than that please order the material. All of the material here can be ordered by emailing: webmaster@sdarm.net

Was Ellen G. White a True Prophet?
Here is a short explanation. We expect to offer a fuller explanation in the future.
Who is the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement?
Here is a brief description. Also look at our locations page.
Wine and the Bible
Here is the full text of John Harvey Kellogg's booklet Wine and the Bible.
What do we believe?
For a brief overview of our beliefs read This We Believe.
For in depth explanation read Peter Lausevic's book People of the Ark online, or download it in pdf format.
How to experience salvation 
Excerpts from the forth coming book Saved Solely by Grace.
Where did we come from? Coming Later
Excerpts from the book History of the Reform Movement. The full book is available from Reformation Herald.


Why Be a Christian?

Are You Ready For Freezing?

What Are Your Ingredients?

What are your plans for the Millenium?

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Chronological Chart of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

Evangelizing North America

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Using non-RM Materials

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Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?

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