What are you doing in the new millenium?

In the middle of winter, the end of the school year may seem very far away. Still many of you will graduate this spring. And whether you graduate or not, you will likely be looking for some way to make money after school finishes. As you approach the end of the school year you will be planning what to do next. You will consider what you are capable of, what your skills are. And then you will hope and pray, that someone wants your time, skills, and smile.

School is not the only occasion when we need to take personal stock. We just came to the end of another year, another decade, another century, and another millenium. What have you done to be ready for it? What are your skills for facing the new millenium? How will you handle it? Do you have a "job" all lined up? Have you made plans with your friends? Do you have your future all worked out?

Following is a list of specific suggestions for being able to handle the new millenium well.

  1. Plan on living the whole millenium. Why not? You can. And if you can, why miss out? Living the whole millenium only takes a simple choice. We will live as long as we plan to. If you plan to die in sixty or seventy years, you will. If you plan to live the millenium, then you may take a prolonged sleep for a short period early in the millenium, but you will live a vibrant and exciting life the whole thousand years.
  2. Make sure you are accepted at a good school for the millenium. If you're going to be attending for the next thousand years, you can afford to invest some time in finding and enrolling in a stable and successful school. I suggest the School of the Millenium. The curriculum is exciting, the class work is always geared toward the interests and personality of the student, and all of the Teachers are incredible! Following are the no hassle requirements for attending the School of the Millenium:
    1. Sincerity: No students are ever allowed who are unwilling to always be honest and up front with themselves and with the school faculty.
    2. The Dean of the school has made plain that he always is accurate in what He says and accomplishes whatever He promises. He refuses to use secretaries, preferring heart to heart, thought to thought communication. Because of the absolute truthfulness of His words and the absolute certainty of His performance, He requires us to expect and depend on the validity of His statements and the certainty of all answers to our earnest requests.
    3. All potential students are required to surrender final authority in all matters to the Dean.
    4. All potential students are required to persevere as far as they are able with assistance from the Dean.
    5. The Dean requires appropriate gratitude.
    6. These are the only requirements for entrance into the School of the Millenium.
    7. One should remember there are necessarily some stringent entrance exams but that the exams only test how well we meet the above mentioned requirements. Any school having to put up with a student for that long should know very well whether it is desirable to live with them for extended periods.
    8. The School guarantees steady employment for the millenium. The pay is unmatchable, the perks are heavenly, and you are assured job satisfaction.

  3. Plan on enjoying the whole millenium. Hard work is necessary, but life is still meant to be enjoyed. Have you really looked into how to enjoy the millenium? I suggest gratitude, space travel, and an extended social life as the leisure activities of choice for the new millenium.
  4. Speaking of a social life, make arrangements to spend the millenium with your friends. Start planning what you will do together for your 500 year celebration. Make a point to invite all your friends. And while your are at it, why not befriend a few new people just so you have more friends to spend eternity with.