Use of Foreign Publishing Material

Suggested recommendation for the evangelistic use of material not prepared by and printed by the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement

  1. We recognize the right of individual members to read and use any printed material privately, so long as its use will not contradict our faith.
  2. We accept Inspiration accurately printed as long as the use of it does not recommend those who are dishonest and antagonistic to God and His church.
  3. We accept in limited distribution material that is accurate and useful for personal study. (e.g. historical works that are useful in understanding prophecy).
  4. We oppose the distribution or use of any material in any fashion intended to be representative of the church, that is not prepared by, published by, or is not properly accepted by ourselves.
  5. We leave to the various literature departments and the publishing houses the responsibility of proper approval.
  6. When members find material from other sources which they deem appropriate or important they should recommend it to our publishing house for distribution by them or for them to request authors to prepare similar material for ourselves.