This is a place for those who love the LORD to speak often to one another. Anything that is appropriate to discuss among those that love the LROD is allowed. At the same time the primary purpose is for:

1. Discussion of personal experiences with God.

2. Discussion of Christian experience.

3. Discussion about God.

4. Discussion of spiritual beliefs and practices.

Only those who love God or honestly want to are welcome. If you are discouraged and struggling and don't know if you love God you are also welcome. This is meant to be a place for the struggling. Please do not break the bruised reed. It is also a place for the strong to share what they rejoice in and what made them strong. It is not a place for trying to make anyone believe or do anything. Such force is not the work of God.

It is assumed that everything posted here will be done so with all the respect for each other and for humans in general that those who love God will have. Anything in the way of insults, dismissal statements, or put down will not be tolerated. God does not tolerate them either.

Posts and users access may be removed at any time if the post or the person's repeated posts are distracting to the discussion or antagonistic.

Please use inspiration carefully. We depend on God and His Word. Don't misuse that Word.

Finally, may God bless you all.

To register, please email consider@sdarm.net with (1) Your full name, (2) Your email address, (3) a username, (5) and your password typed twice. Please remember to include all the information the first time. Please allow a few days for your account to be set up.

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