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No matter how successful we are in life, there is always something about ourselves that annoys us, and often that annoys others about us. The closer someone is to us, the more likely they are to know about it. We can never get rid of every annoying part of ourselves and achieve complete personal unity without first making peace with God.

How can we make peace with God?

  1. Recognize God.
  2. God is not in us, but He is near us. He talks to us through our thoughts. Unfortunately so do others. We can only tell the difference by recognizing whom the thoughts are like. Thoughts that are like God are from God. Thoughts that aren't like Him aren't from Him.

    We need to know Him to be able to know which thoughts are like Him. This makes the life of Jesus important. He was God with us. And He makes the Bible important. For the Bible is a history of Him.

    God is open, interested in us, constantly working for our best good. He has no sympathy with anything that harms. But anything else He loves, encourages, and smiles on.

    When we know God enough to recognize Him we have definitely begun the process of making peace. We do not have to know all about Him. We do not have to solve controversies about Him. We only need to recognize Him.

  3. Be honest about yourself.
  4. We need to be honest about ourselves. Usually this isn't hard to do with some or even most of myself. But in order to have peace we need to be honest about all of ourselves. We need to admit who we are rather than who we would like to be.

    Admitting who we are means admitting we have good and bad in ourselves. Some of our ideas, wishes and plans are beneficial to every one involved. But some of what we do harms ourselves if not others. Often we have already given up on changing because we learned a long time ago that it is impossible by ourselves. Sometimes we don't want to change, sometimes we just can't. But if someone doesn't change injustice and hatred will continue. It may not happen to you, but it will to someone. This world will never be safe until every person refuses to be involved in anything that harms any being. We have to start with ourselves.

  5. Ask.
  6. If we can not keep ourselves from ever being involved in an idea or activity that hurts another person, we need help. We need help from someone who understands and likes us. We need help from some one who is stronger than us. This is why we need God. No other being in the universe is stronger than us, understands and likes us, and can keep us from all harm.

  7. Surrender.
  8. Making peace with God is simply giving up any idea or action we have that He hates. This is only to give up hurting ourselves and others. God likes diversity but He hates anything harmful.

  9. Expect.
  10. Expect God to help you. Not because you are big enough to demand anything from God; but because He wants to help you. Anything He wants to do for you, you have the right to ask Him for. And since He is offers, why not?

  11. The test of success.
  12. The test of whether we have succeeded in making peace with God is simple: Do I like Him? Do I love Him?

    If I were to get married, but then spend my first year of marriage talking about all the other girl friends I had, you would wonder about my marriage.

    So anyone who thinks they have made peace with God and man but would rather think about, talk about, and do something about any other topic than God I have to wonder about. Not that God is the only thought that can pass through our heads, but He should still be our favorite topic.

    Will making peace with God solve all our problems instantly? No. But it is the beginning. The day we begin the treatment of a chronic disease does not mean the end of the disease. But the disease will never go away while we ignore it.

* * * *

Have you made your peace with God? Or are you still contributing to harmful thoughts and practices in this world? Are you contributing to a new world order, or to a miserable world order?

If you have been contributing anything to the cause of misery, why not change to today? You have only hurts to lose and everything good to gain.

Would you like to discuss this with some one else who has experienced this change? We would be happy to talk with you.

Please contact us.