People of the Ark

by Peter D. Lausevic

Published by:
South East US Field
P. O. Box 78273
Nashville TN 37207-8273
(615) 868-8182

     The book People of the Ark gives an overview of the beliefs of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement. It is specifically prepared for Adventists who are considering membership in the Reform Movement. It is intended to offer to them a complete preparation for membership. Material is in preparation by others for the non-Adventist. Until that material becomes available, this book is the most comprehensive explanation of our beliefs in English.
The book is available in three formats:
1. On this site in HTML.
2. In pdf file for Acrobat Reader. (The reader is available for free from Adobe.)
3. In hard copy (print), available directly from the South East US Field You may contact them directly (P. O. Box 78273, Nashville TN 37207-8273, (615) 868-8182.) or order below.

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